Breidag Nederlandske strikkedager

Breidag 2017


Helgen 19 til 20 maj 2017 arrangerers det nederlandske strikkedager i Rijswijk like utenfor Amsterdam

i Nederland. Strikkefestivalen har 70 utstiller og mange workshops. Designer Donna Smith er hovedgjesten

på festivalen, men Norge er også representert ved Annemor Sundbø som skal holde ett foredrag på lørdag.

Festivalen holdes i Broodfabrik og koster 9 euro for en dag og 17 euro for to dager.


Man kan delta på mer enn 15 workshops daglig. Her har man inspirerende og tilgjengelige økter som lærer deg ny teknologi og utvikler dine håndarbeidskunnskaper.Kunnskap som du higer etter å ta i bruk med engang ! Hver workshop har en egen gradering av hvor øvet du må være for å delta. Nybegynner er 1 og så øker det opp til 5 som er meget øvet.

Man må være til stede senest fem minutter før workshopen starter på verkstedet. Når workshopen har startet, kan man ikke delta. Det er for at designeren skal få fred til å undervise, og man får ikke tilbakebetalt billetten hvis man kommer for sent.

Her er noen av workshopene :

Donna Smiths Introduksjon til Fair Isle teknikk

Donna Smith – Introduction in Fair Isle Knitting

You will be introduced to  the basic techniques used in Fair Isle knitting using methods used in traditional Shetland knitting.  This is an introduction to how to knit with two colours in the round and the use of colour and pattern placement in Fair Isle knitting will also be discussed.  During the class you will knit a Fair Isle wrist warmer and you will be given tips and information to enable you to start your own Fair Isle project after the class.

Participants need to be able to cast on, and knit garter stitch, as Donna will teach you how to work in the round and use two colours.

Date: saturday May 20th 2017 from 13:00 until 16:00 uur
Location: workshopspace 1
Homework: no
Bring along: set van 3 breinaalden zonder knop, dikte 3.0 mm, 3.25 mm
Max. participants: 12
Prijs:early bird pré-sale € 55,00 (click on the button ‘Toegangskaart kopen’ below for the ticketshop), price at the venue € 59,50
Including: coffee/tea, yarn package with Shetland wool

Puk Vossen Design ditt eget prosjekt

Puk Vossen – Design your own project with Dutch motifs in three colours

A workshop where participants designing and go knitting with color. You will receive a number of Dutch motifs with which you will create a design in the workshop. So first drawing and mathematics and then knitting with color and try.

A very active and informative workshop where you will put a lot of work and all will learn to go home designs.


Date: friday may 19th 2017 from 14:00 until 16:30 o’clock
Location: Workshopruimte 2
Homework: none
Bring along: knitting needles 4mm (regular needles/sock/circular is all possible to use)
Max. participants: 15
Prijs:early bird prè-sale €25,00 (click on the button ‘Toegangskaart kopen’ below for the ticketshop), at the venue € 27,50
Including: coffee/tea, attern and wool to work with

Puk Vossen Lær å strikke fletter

Puk Vossen – Knitting cables from A to Z

In this long workshop we go into depth with knitting cables. It’s a workshop for knitters who begin with  knitting cables.

You will learn to knit cables by knitting it yourself (with Puk) and in your own pace, you learn:
– What is a cable stitch exactly
– How to read a cable pattern
– How to cable ‘left’ and ‘right’
– How to knit a cable without an extra cableneedle
– How to knit cables in the round

We start with a minimum of three different cable patterns. You will receive the pattern for a shawl with a cabled border.
There are many examples to see (and feel) and Puk will give you all sorts of tips and inspiration on patterns and designers.

Meanwhile follow Puk @pukvossen on Instagram to see what preparations she makes up for this workshop!

Date: saturday may 20th 2017 from 14:00 unitl 16:30 o’clock
Location: Workshopruimte 2
Homework: none
Bring along: there will be needles and balls of yarn available at the class to work with, you are ofcourse free to bring your own needles (4mm)
Max. participants: 15
Prijs:early bird prè-sale € 25,00 (click on the button ‘Toegangskaart kopen’ below for the ticketshop), at the venue € 27,50
Including: coffee/tea, there will be needles and balls of yarn available at the class to work with, you are ofcourese free to bring your won needles (4mm)

Nana Seijhouwer Design en ganser/jakke uten å sy ovenifra og ned

Nana Seijlhouwer – Knitting a top down seamless cardigan with Naantje Knit

In this intensive knitting workshop you will learn how to pattern without any solid yarn a nice fit cardigan or sweater expands without that you need a degree in rocket science.
From top to bottom, seamlessly and at your own sizes.
With beautiful (fake) shoulder and arm seams which give your piece a nice fit but without loose buildings that still need to be sewn together after knitting.
What should you know? Obviously you need to master the basics of knitting, preferably also on circular needles.
Cast on, cast off, knitting, purling.
Some experience with knitting sweaters or jackets/cardigans is a plus.

Date: friday may 19 and saturday may 20, 2017 from 10:30 until 13:30 o’clock
Location: Workshopruimte 2
Homework: none
Bring along: Needles 3mm or 3.5mm (straight needles are okay, it doesn’t have to be circulars), dont’need to bring yarn, you will have nice balls to work with
Max. participants: 12
Pride:early bird prè-sale € 25,00 (click on ‘Toegangskaart kopen’ below), at the venue € 27,50
Including: coffee/tea, a pattern and wool to work with

Majo van der Woude  Lær å brodere på strikketøy

Majo van der Woude – Embroidery on knitware

On May 19 and May 20, ‘Tree of Needlework’ is present on the nederlandse breidagen in Rijswijk.

Knitting is next to hip and trendy and also very relaxing. It’s great fun to knit your own scarf, hat or gloves. But did you know that you can brighten it with a few simple embroidery stitching? Emboridery on your bought or homemade knitware can make it even more personal.
In this workshop you will learn how you can make (free) embroidery on knitting.

With attention for:
* How do you get the pattern/design on the fabric.
* How can you prevent your knitting will stretch as you embroider it.
* Some simple embroidery stabbing as stem stitch, satin/flat stitching, daisy stitch, blanket stitch and French knot.

And then we get to work with the knitted piece you brough to the class.

The teacher: Majo van der Woude embroiders as since her primary school.
She’s at home and abroad, and now gives also online courses in a variety of embroidery techniques.
Embroidery means to her:
do it (create/make your own)
learning (technology/sitiching/crafts in other cultures/inspiration)
study (historical context/storage/preservation of ancient techniques)
being together and collaborate with peers (encourage each other and learn from each other) and provides balance/rest as opposed to today’s busy society.

And that is to transfer them, where the important thing is that they have fun chance to create something / make.
In 2015, she also started Tree of needlework ( where they want to connect supply and demand in hand work together. In that context she gives inter alia embroidery workshops and courses.

Date: friday May 19 and saturday May 20, 2017, every day 10:15-11:15 o’clock, 11:30-12:30 o’clock, 13:30-14:30 o’clock and 15:00-16:00 o’clock
Location: Workshopruimte 1
Homework: none
Bring along: Take your own garment or accessory (homemade or purchased) or knitted cloth (20 x 16 cm) with, preferably knit in stockinette stitch. This can be a sweater, scarf, glove, sock, hat or anything else
Max. participants: 8
Price: € 12,50 (incl. other materials to work with)
Register: Registration may in advance of sending a message to mentioning day + time slot. During the day you can participate if there is space. Just make sure you are present 5 minutes before the start of the worshop.

Ronald Bos Oppdag farger


Wol & Co – Explore color

Teacher: Ronald Bos

In this workshop you will learn what colors can do for you, and how you can make the best choice for colors in your project. Of course we give you some basic knowledge about color theory but you will mainly get to work. This workshop is interesting for all textile handicraft forms in which color plays a major role. You do not have to knit or crochet for working with yarn.
You can also ask questions about any color projects and patterns that you struggle with and get tips how you can continue so bring also your work to a next level.

We’re going to continue talking about cool and warm colors and how to change your perception, contrasts, combinations and how you can make that something more exciting. You learn how colors affect each other and thus the shape of your project and of course we talk about tricks and tools to choose color and much more.
Participants in these workshops will receive a 10% exhibition discount on the book ‘Draad! 3′ which was published in February 2017 and is dedicated to the use of color!

Ronald Bos is graphic and spatial designer with over 30 years experience in the use of colors in, inter alia, advertising campaigns, logos, cars and interiors. He is also the graphic designer on the books Draad! 1 and 2 and 3.

Date: friday May 19 and saturday May 20, 2017 from 11:00 until 12:00 o’clock
Location: Workshopplein 1
Homework: none
Bring along: nothing
Max. participants: 6
Price: € 15,00, you can register before the event by sending an e-mail to or at the venue (‘infobalie’)



Overnattningsteder 3 stjerners  i Rijswijk ligger nå på ca 1400 kr og oppover for 2 døgn. Man kan også bo i Amsterdam , men der er prisene litt høyere ca 2300 for samme . Haag er også ett alternativt og her er prisene mere like Rijswijk .Gå inn på og finn ut hvor du vil bo.



En flyreise fra Oslo til Amsterdam ligger nå på ca kr 1800 og oppover. Det kan komme på ekstra gebyrer se


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