The Knitting and Stitching Show in Edinburgh 2017

The knitting & Stitching Show


Helgen 27 til 30 april 2017 arrangeres messen The Knitting and Stitching Show i Edingburgh Skottland.

Messen foregår i The Highland Hall nær Edinburgh Airport, og er åpen fra kl 10-17.30 på torsdag til lørdag og

kl 10 – 17.00 på søndag.Det settes opp fri shuttels buss fra sentrum til utstillingslokale.

Messen har til nå 45 utstillere og Uk Handknitting Association gir gratis tips og råd angående

strikking og hekling. Det er også flere workshops som det koster ekstra for å delta på. Her er noen :




Drawing and Painting with Wool  med Ewa Kuniczak. Det koster 13 pund å delta

Discover the magic of Needle-felting for picture-making using painterly techniques that are simple to master with effective results that can be applied to a wide range of projects. This method of working is a particularly stressfree preparation that requires careful detailing, which will remain in place during wet-felting for a smooth quality finish. Suitable for all levels.

Learn to Crochet  med Graeme Knowles Miller . Det koster 22 pund å delta.

This 2-hour beginners workshop will teach you the foundations of the increasingly popular art of crochet, well known for the iconic granny square which is used in many projects including throws (something we all remember from our childhood!) This introductory course will give you a basic understanding of the most commonly used stitches and how to change colours, enabling you to embark on many projects. After completing this workshop you will be confident in most aspects of this fun and fulfilling craft. Suitable for beginners.

Dying Naturally in a yar med Graeme Knowles Miller. Det koster 13 pund å delta.

In this workshop you will learn all about the fascinating and ageless process of natural dyeing. Angela will teach you about when and how to mordant and you will be given a fat quarter of mordanted cotton and some cotton thread. You will then tweak and twist then before putting this into a glass jar with some natural dye plants including onion skins, logwood and madder root. Angela will give full instructions on how you will heat up your jar once home and wash and care for your fabric. She will reveal the contents of some jars that have been already “cooked” to inspire you. Everyone will get stunning and unique results. The hardest thing will be in deciding what you are going to do with your fabric. This workshop is suitable for all levels and everything is provided for you. Suitable for any level.

Interlocking Crochet med Graeme Knowles Miller. Det koster 22 pund å delta.

Learn to join together two pieces of filet crochet to form a robust and versatile fabric, similar to jacquard knitting. From coasters to garments and beyond, this advanced technique is perfect for competent crocheters who want a challenge. Students will sample a simple pot holder, then take home the pattern and skills to make a baby blanket. Sample yarn and notes included. Suitable for intermediate level.

Knitted Beached Necklace on Circular Needles med Elena Costella .

Det koster 13 pund å delta.

During this workshop you will create a three-strand necklace with knitted-in beads, knitted in one piece on a circular needle. Your kit will include prebeaded (glass beads) 4 ply yarn, circular needles and full instructions. Suitable for intermediate level (those who can already knit).

Lace knitting Let`s be Creative med Monica Russel. Det koster 13 pund å delta.

Do you wish you could knit lace garments but feel intimidated by intricate patterns? Do you always seem to end up with more (or less) stitches than you should have or are you worried about going wrong in the shaping? This laceknitting workshop takes you step-by-step through how knitted lace works, from simple eyelets and lace panels to more complicated patterns. You will try out some lace stitches appropriate to your current skill level. You will learn how lace can be used as borders for garments. You will go away feeling confident with simple/ moderately difficult lace knitting. Suitable for intermediate leve

Fair Isle knitting Creative Fun med Monica Russel. Det koster 13 pund å delta.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to look more closely at how colour and pattern and changing colours combine to make a successful item. Monica will enable you to become confident at changing colours, reading charts and she will give you ideas of how to incorporate Fair Isle patterns into garments, scarves snoods and hats. She will also give you the opportunity to design your own Fair Isle. Suitable for intermediate level.

Get to Grips with Creative Cable knitting med Monica Russel. Det koster 13 pund å delta.

If you have always loved the look of cables and have no idea of how to get started or how to use the stitch to enhance plain knitting then this workshop is just for you. Monica will show you how to twist and curl your way along straight needles: transferring stitches from one needle to another, knitting and purling in different sequences. Skill Level: be able to cast on and off, knit and purl. All participants will go away feeling confident in knitting





Pr i dag koster det fra kr 2400 og oppover for 3 netter på ett 3 stjernes hotell i slutten av april 2017.

Da bor du i Edinburgh sentrum se






En flyreise fra Oslo Gardemoen til Edinburgh koster pr. i dag fra kr 2100 og oppover. Da flyr du direkte.

Det kan komme til ekstra gebyrer se






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